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Parent and Baby Private Healthcare Packages

At Kent Family Medical we believe in proactive healthcare to empower you to be in control of your health and well-being.

These packages have been tailored to help you be the healthiest version of you. They provide unrivalled doctor-led continuity of care to meet all of your health and well-being needs.

Parent and Baby Packages

Parent & Baby 6-week Check:

Face-to-Face GP Consultation:

Full baby check including:
– Review of baby’s development so far
– Weight, length and head circumference measurements plotted in red book.
– Full baby examination including eyes, palate, exclusion of tongue-tie, heart and chest examination, abdominal examination, exclusion of hernias, pulses, spine, hips, legs, feet and reflexes.
– Discussion to address any concerns such as feeding, growth, reflux and colic.
– Entry into red book and information shared with NHS GP.

Post-natal review for mum, including:
– Blood pressure check
– Examination of any wounds to ensure healing
– Discussion around feeding
– Pelvic floor review and information
– Mental health screening
– Contraception discussion if needed
– Discussion around any issues from the delivery
– Medication review if required

Core Package Cost £165

Optional enhancements if required:
Blood tests: Full blood count, iron & fasting glucose (especially if history of significant blood loss at delivery / gestational diabetes).
– Review for second parent: GP consultation, to identify and address any physical or mental health needs, £99.

New Parent and Baby Package 0-12 months

Parent & Baby 6-week check package, plus:

+ Two additional 30m GP follow-up appointments for either parent to meet any physical health, contraceptive or mental health needs
+ Two additional 30m GP follow-up consultations for baby to address any concerns

0-12 months Package, Cost £499

Optional Extras:
Blood tests: Full blood count, iron & fasting glucose (especially if history of significant blood loss at delivery / gestational diabetes).
– Cervical smear for mum (from 12 weeks post-partum), £86-160.
– Two additional 30m GP follow-up appointments in the first year for either parent, £198 when booked at start of package.
– Dietician review for mum to optimise health in the first year post partum, £90.
– infant immunisations: priced upon request

Additional tests or investigations may be recommended to you as part of your consultations. The reasons for the recommendations, alongside any costs, will be explained to you in full.

Parent & Baby 6-week Check

6 week check

0-12m Parent-Baby Package

0-12m Parent & Baby

+ Options

Most options can be discussed and added during your initial consultation.

If you want to choose any from the outset, please email and we can add them and invoice you.