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Type 2 Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes Healthcare Packages

At Kent Family Medical we believe in proactive healthcare to empower you to be in control of your health and well-being.

These packages have been tailored to help you be the healthiest version of you. They provide unrivalled doctor-led continuity of care to meet all of your health and well-being needs.

Whilst we have grouped our packages into two plans below, we will ensure that we tailor your health screen around your personal needs.

Type 2 Diabetes Careplan Packages

Face-to-Face GP Consultation:
– Height, weight, BMI
– Foot check and information around monitoring your feet
– Urine test (for protein – an indicator of kidney and cardiovascular health)
– Blood Pressure Check
– Medication review

Blood tests:
– Full blood count
– HbA1c (diabetes control)
– Lipid profile (cholesterol breakdown)
– Kidney function
– Liver function
– Thyroid function.

GP Follow-Up Consultation

– Face to face, telephone or virtual appointment
– Test results
– Medication Review

Information sharing with NHS GP

Pricing Options:
– One-off Review, £310
– 6 monthly review package (2 packages purchased at the same time)*, £582

*6 monthly reviews are recommended by NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) for people diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.

Pre-Diabetes Careplan

This package is ideal if you:
– have been diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes and want to reduce your risk of diabetes complications, including stroke, heart & vascular disease, vision and nerve damage.
– may be at higher risk of developing diabetes due to family history, previous gestational diabetes, ethnicity or body mass index (BMI) and overweight.

Face-to-Face GP Consultation, including:
– Run through diabetes risk factors
– Height, weight, BMI calculation
– Waist circumference measurement
– Blood Pressure check
– Calculation of overall cardiovascular risk (risk of heart attack or stroke in the next 10 years).

Blood Tests:
– HbA1c (average blood sugar levels)
– Lipid Profile (Cholesterol, etc.)
– Kidney & Liver Function

GP Follow-up Consultation
– Blood results discussion
– Medical review if needed
– Ensuring NHS GP has all information
– Opportunity for referral into the National Diabetes Prevention Programme.
– Phone / Video if preferred

Cost £250

Diabetes / Pre-diabetes consultations with our Kent Family Medical dietitian are also available on request.

Additional tests / investigations or referrals may be recommended to you as part of your consultations. The reasons for these recommendations, alongside any costs, will be explained to you in full. You will be able to choose if you would like these in the private sector or if you would like us to request these via your NHS GP.

Type II Diabetes

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