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Blood Tests for Teenagers and Adults on Roaccutane (Isotretinoin) – Acne Skin Care

Kent Family Medical are able to take and send a full range of blood tests. Any tests needed by our patients can be taken on site and sent directly to our laboratory. Results are usually available in 24-72 hours, depending on the tests.

Your dermatology specialist should talk to you about the side-effects, risks and benefits of Roaccuane. If you decide to start it, or are continuing to take it, Kent Family Medical can support children and young adults with blood tests and health assessments whilst your consultant dermatologist continues to supervise your care.

National guidance (NICE) recommends testing and monitoring liver function and Cholesterol levels (Lipid profile). It is also best to test kidney function at the same time. 

Blood tests are recommended:

  • before starting treatment
  • 1-2 months after treatment
  • 3-6 monthly ongoing

Mental Health and Contraceptive / Sexual Health Assessment

National guidance (MHRA Alert) recommends that young people starting and receiving Isotretinoin should receive mental health assessment and monitoring. When appropriate, they should also receive sexual health assessment, monitoring & contraceptive advice. All young women who could get pregnant must be on appropriate contraception. 

Your dermatologist may arrange this for you, or you can book with our Kent Family Medical GPs, who can do these assessments with you.

Registration & Appointment Availability

If you wish to proceed, please register as a patient via our website. We have appointments readily available for immediate booking most days of the week.

View or download our Roaccutane (Isotretinoin) Information Leaflet: