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How do Private GP Practices Work?

    Whilst there are obvious differences between private and NHS general practice, there are also some similarities.

    What sort of medical problems can we help with?

    At Kent Family Medical, our doctors and clinical team have years of experience and continue to work in the NHS. This means that we can deal with any medical issue that you would normally see your NHS GP about.

    Our team has additional expertise in women’s health, diabetes, mental health and nutrition but we can help you with anything from a sore throat to management of complex, long-term conditions.

    In private general practice, we have made sure that we give longer appointment times and therefore the space to listen to all of your concerns and manage multiple issues in one appointment.  We can help you if you are feeling unwell or are concerned about a pre- existing condition. In private general practice, we are also able to put more of an emphasis on preventative medicine – so if you are well and want a discussion about how best to stay that way – we can help with that as well.

    Does this mean that you have to register with the private practice instead of your NHS GP?

    No – this is not the case. Everyone in the UK must remain registered with their NHS GP. This is important for continuity of care and accessing NHS services. At Kent Family Medical we will work collaboratively with your NHS GP.  It may be that you want to see us as a one off appointment. If this is the case, we will let your NHS GP know how we have helped you and if any NHS follow up is required. It could also be that you want to register with Kent Family Medical and see us whenever you need. You will still remain registered with your NHS practice and we will keep them updated intermittently so they are aware of the care you have received and any changes to your medication or treatment plan. We may ask for your permission to access some of your NHS notes. This may be necessary to  ensure safe care and avoid duplicating anything that has already been done in the NHS.

    If I see a private GP does that mean that all investigations and referrals have to be private as well? 

    No, it doesn’t mean that everything has to be continued privately, but it can be if you wish. Private general practice is all about patient choice. At Kent Family Medical, we can arrange any investigations that you need such as blood tests and samples in our clinic. This will give you quick results that are easily accessed by our team. If you would rather tests are done at your NHS practice though, that is fine as well. Our private clinicians will write to your NHS GP explaining why we feel the investigations are necessary and asking if they would kindly arrange them within the NHS. The same goes for referrals to specialists. If the team at Kent Family Medical feel that you need to see a specialist, we can refer you to a private consultant of your choice or, we can write to your NHS GP and ask if they would kindly refer you to a consultant within the NHS.  The choice is yours.

    How often can I access private general practice?

    As little or as often as you need.  You can come and see us as a one off appointment for an acute medical need or you can come more often for management of long term conditions or for regular check ups. We will always keep your NHS GP informed so that their records are up to date.

    How can I sign up with your practice?

    Register as a Patient